The concept behind this visual music piece is the Birth of Earth.

The usaginingen team invented their own machines seeking to delight and suprise their audience, as people not only can enjoy the performance on the screens, but also feel the light explosions all around them, and witness the performers' movements on stage.

The Visual machine "TA-CO" has a camera, a kind of an animation table with four layers, water-basins, coloured ink, beads, mirrors, prisms, and lots more.

The Music machine "SHIBAKI" is some kind of a percussion kit, connected to a MIDI controller and to a string instrument.


1977 | Kagawa · Japan 

I work with my wife as an artist duo called usaginingen based in Berlin Germany.

We create graphic design, movie, music and live performances. Our performance is that we play with our self-made analogue visual machine and a music instrument. Both are only one exist in the world.

We mainly perform at Museum, Gallery and University in Europe and Japan.

Selected “Asia Degital Art Award 2011”
Received “Asia Pacific Advertising Festival Bronze” Selected “GRAPHIC DESIGN IN JAPAN”
Selected “RemarkabIe CM competition”
Received “New York oneshow silver”
Received “Museum storing prize”by Joshi Art Univercity

Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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Reykjavik Center for Visual Music
Suðurgata 22
101 Reykjavik 

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