Ana Santos
Ana Santos
Direction, Production & Communication

BA in Graphic Design and Photography. She works as a freelance art director and web designer. 
Founder member of MAD.

Nöel Palazzo
Nöel Palazzo
Direction, Production and Commmunication

Screenwriter and novelist. BA in Filmmaking from the University of Buenos Aires. She has directed a couple of internationally awarded films and also lectures and writes essays as a film critic. Since 2008 she's been a member of the iotaCenter's Advisory Council (Los Angeles, CA) and coordinator of the Spanish speaking community at theVisual Music Village.

Fridrik Steinn
Friðrik Steinn Kristjánsson
Direction and Production

Entrepreneur, chemist and pianist. His passion for Visual Music inspired him to found RCVM and create Reykjavík Visual Music Festival which is devoted to abstract live cinema.

Íris Stefánsdóttir
Production, Communication & Marketing

Finished an art degree from MHÍ in Iceland in 1998. She studied Marketing and Operations Management at Reykjavik University in 2012.  She's been a director at i8 gallery until 2012, and currently works as an independent art consultant and project manager.

Oscar Testón
Óscar Testón
Technical Coordination & Live Set Layout Design

Filmmaker, creator of visual settings, mapping artist. Creator and CEO of VjSpain, the greatest online network for visualists and mapping artists in the Spanish Speaking World.

Kike Ramírez
Kike Ramírez
Technical Coordination & Live Set Layout Design

BA in Telecommunications Engineering from the UMA. Responsible of International Communication at VjSpain.
Author of Visual, Interactive & Augmented Reality installations. Hardware & Software Designer / Generative Graphics and Creative Coding programmer.

Juanjo Fernández
Juanjo Fernández Rivero
Technical Coordination & Live Set Layout Design

Also known asgnomaLab, Juanjo is the creator of videos, short film & video-mapping works, live visuals in real-time and interactive apps and installations.

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